Our research group has been engaged in clinical researchof boron neutron capture therapy using a japan AtomicEnergy Agency research nuclear reactor of the since the1980s. We have applied this therapy to about 100 patientswith cancer, mostly malignant brain tumors, and obtainedsignificant results that support the use of the therapy as anew, promising treatment.
However, the complicated maintenance required for anuclear reactor, such as periodic inspections lasting severalmonths, has prevented the smooth operation of the system.We have formed an industry-academia-governmentcollaboration team, consisting of Tsukuba University,which plays a leading role, the High Energy AcceleratorResearch Organization, japan Atomic Energy Agency,Hokkaido University, and Ibaraki Prefectural Government.The team is based at the Ibaraki Neutron Medical ResearchCenter in Tokai-mura, Ibaraki, and is engaged in thedevelopment of accelerator-based cancer treatment notrequiring a nuclear reactor. Once the apparatus is in place,we will start clinical studies to make it available to patientsas soon as possible, and hopefully establish hospital-affiliatedtreatment facilities.